Growth Team & Partners.

We are entrepreneurial advisors with a clear execution focus and keep your team on track.

Growth Team & Partners

Robert Kellner - Founder & Managing Partner

Robert Kellner

Strategy & Execution, Agile Org, Negotiation

Norman Rohr

B2B Sales & Marketing / Revenue Ops

Dr. Wolfgang Faisst

Strategy & Insights (Value Works)

Kamila Stanizek

Product Innovation & Agile Org

Julia Kellner-Long

Julia Kellner-Long

B2B Partner Marketing & Sales

Julian von Blücher

Executive Search

Timo Sturm

B2C Product, Subscription

Ulrich Bartholmös

Tech Strategy & Execution

Functional Experts

Christian Meister

Usability & Gamification

Jens Fauldrath

SEO & Customer Acquisition Growth

Andre Wassmann

Strategy, M&A, Venture Capital, Fundraising

Jasper Sasse

TV Performance & Analytics

Tim Herbig

Product Discovery & Innovation

Daniela Salomon

TV Performance & Analytics

Holger Loos

Tech Law & Data Security

Thomas Promny

B2B Growth Marketing, Lead Gen

Leadership & Coaching Experts

Katja Pischel

Personal Branding, Führung & Kulturwandel

Jürgen Holm

Mediation & Conflict Management

Class Voigt

Leadership, New Work, Product