The Growth Assessment.

Assess the status quo and define the growth areas for further growth.


The Growth Assessment Starter is a 1-2 day workshop with intensive preparation and follow-up by the team.

The focus is on looking through the current business model and creating a SWOT on the areas of People, Business Model, Strategy, Execution and Financials.


Part 1 starts a self-assessment by the team with the Growth Fitness Check (based on the 4D Assessment by Verne Harnish’ Scaling Up). This is completed with a KPI analysis and the review of the core processes and value creation,as well as the current business model.

Part 2 focuses on the current planning, goals and strategy of the company as well as the future positioning. The second part of the review connects the current performance and current planning and creates transparency regarding consistency of current performance and a future ambition level.

The Growth Assessment is ideal for testing the Growth Design methods and tools for your own organization and getting to know each other.


Outcome is a location determination for current performance and planning. The Growth Assessment is a great way to test the VUCANION methods and tools for your own organization and to get to know each other.


VUCANION is a personal partner of managing directors and management teamsto reduce uncertainties and address challenges holistically.

We are at your side with operational and analytical expertise and empathy to go through the mental phases from planning to implementation more quickly and to reach impact faster.

Growth Team

VUCANION is a network of partners. This enables us to offer the required breadth of know-how with top professional quality in order to deliver outstanding results.



  • 1-2 days input phase
  • 1-3 day workshop or
    5-20 days project phase


  • 5-7 participants
  • C-Level/BU Lead
  • Experts


  • Growth Fitness Check
  • KPI Assessment + Plan
  • Needle Mover Lever Calculator
  • Growth Assessment Template Set


  • Growth Fitness Check
  • SWOT Self-Assessment
  • Assessment Package Goals
  • Data input


  • Remote Workshop
  • Onsite Workshop
  • Offsite Event


Robert Kellner - Founder & Managing Partner
Robert Kellner - Founder & Managing Partner

Growth Fitness Check

Test your company’s growth fitness in 10 minutes
and learn more in the free initial call.