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VUCANION is a Chief Growth Officer as-a-Service for ClimateTech Scaleups.

The Challenge - grow or go

Hypergrowth >50% p.a is the company-stretching  phase of “grow or go”. Doubling execution pace all 1-2 years requires focus, priorities and scalability. The art is to scale when absolute numbers get sky high.

During this phase the time to sell a certain basket of products & services is cut exponentially each year.

And most important: Hypergrowth of ClimateTech firms is required to provide sustainable alternatives and to achieve the 1.5 degree goal.

The illustration shows how much time is available for selling 10k units at a 100% CAGR.

VUCANION Hypergrowth Curve Transparent

We establish a growth execution process

Growth Assessment

Status quo, challenges and opportunities in people, business model, strategy, execution, financials

Growth Design

Picture of the Future, Positioning,
Goals with Top 3 OKRs, Strategic Initiatives

Sourcing Design

Sourcing strategy incl. approach for hiring, outsourcing, partnering etc.

Strategy Execution & Monitoring

Strategy execution and monitoring process with measurement of OKRs, budgets, outcome

Pitching & Negotiation

Market research, shortlisting, pitching & negotiation, closing with the CXO team

Strategic Partnerships

Market analysis, for commercial/product/ marketing/tech due diligence for inorganic growth and buy and build

Sourcing needs to cover the full value chain

Product Development

Web Application, digitization of integration partner and processes, end user services and apps, …

Tech Infrastructure

IoT architecture on Azure, GCP, AWS, Kubernetes, Cloud Infrastructure, …

Acquisition Management

Website, Social Media, Performance Marketing, SEO, …

Talent Acquisition

Leadership and expert roles with dedicated ClimateTech, tech background

Business Insights

Executive Management Reporting, OKR Tracking

Enterprise Software

ERP, CRM, CS, HR, IT Security, Microsoft 365, Google Cloud, Procurement

Chief Growth Officer: Robert Kellner

Robert Kellner

Time is up waiting that someone else will save the world. What we get shipped until 2030 will decide for my 5 years old son and the generations to come whether life will be good in the decades to come.


My name is Robert Kellner. I am an internet guy of the early days who promised his 5 years son to contribute to a livable planet. Putting all my passion, skills and experience from the corporate and startup world and most notably from hypergrowth climate tech IoT firms on the table, I am fully focused on scaling ClimateTech scale-ups. 


After roles in strategy consulting, as Country MD in Dating or founder in E-Health, I found my sweet spot in scaling meaningful tech firms as a Chief Growth Officer as-a-Service, Venture Partner or Business Angel with a strongly methodological approach full of short cuts that allows me to free time for building personal relationships with people and for developing their full potential.


I am your direct contact through out the whole journey adding partners, experts and full teams wherever they are needed to scale.   


Let’s connect or jump on a call.

We focus on ClimateTech scale-ups with 5+ years on the market that are growing +50% YoY and that are facing serious growth challenges.

Team impact: We start and you take over

  • 1


    Sourcing strategy connected with company strategy and operations via strategic initiatives, OKRs and budgets. Tool-based sourcing process

  • 2

    Bridging the Gap

    Individual experts or full stack teams to solve specific problems bridging the gap until hiring is done and new joiners are fully productive.

  • 3

    Cost/Margin Control

    Tracking of OKR performance combined with budget monitoring to ensure impact and liquidity exponential growth.

  • 4


    Building scalable digital structures, processes and services for the next growth phase

The impact of our work

A ClimateTech Case Study

The Company

  • ClimateTech IoT 
  • Renewable energy
    storage, e-mobility
  • ScaleUp with 200+ FTE
  • 100% YoY growth trajectory

The Challenge

  • Massive customer demand
  • Keep 100% YoY growth trajectory
  • IoT platform with limited scalability
  • Manual core processes
  • Lack of key people 

The Task

  • Digital strategy design and execution
  • Strategic initiatives with daily ops connect
  • Building a digital operating model
  • Hiring key resources (CIO)
  • < 12 months to create impact

The Results

0 %

Revenue Growth to 250m EUR YoY

0 x

Team size in IT, Product IoT 150+ FTE

0 x

Strategic Initiatives to build a Digital Operating Model

Focus industries

With a heritage in digital companies we focus on digital and SaaS as well as IoT models in renewable energy, smart cities and responsible consumption.

UN Sustainable Goals VUCANION

What sets us apart?

We combine leadership experience in Digital/ ClimateTech companies with the ScalingUp methodology & tools. We establish tech enabled execution on a managment level. We love tech for enabling digital operating models.

Hypergrowth Leadership

hands-on experience hypergrowth leadership in digital and IoT/hardware play.

Methodological Approach

operationally proven growth framework for focusing on needle movers only.

Tech Enabled Execution

enabling strategy execution, sourcing and OKR management through real time data.

Partner Ecosystem

leveraging individual experts and strong teams to deliver results together with existing teams.

What others say

Aurélie Alemany


Robert has shaped the CIO space from a start-up into a scalable tech organization during 100% YoY growth in 2020-21. Within 9 months, he more than doubled the team with new expertise. Robert has set up company-wide cross-functional digitization initiatives for scaling and stabilized the IoT platform.
I thank Robert for his business builder and strategy execution competence, his enthusiasm and the driving SENEC's transformation during hypergrowth!
Dr. Robin Zorzi

Kuka AG

The Growth Program distinguishes itself positively from other strategy programs by placing a clear focus on the execution of concrete measures with high impact.
Uwe Frers

CEO - PiNCAMP powered by ADAC

Robert is an exceptional business executive, energetic, enthusiastic and hands-on, tech-savy with a clear mission & entrepreneurial vision. Robert drove the setup phase and supported me and my team for a quick start with PINCAMP
Dr. Carsten Hübner

CEO - ADAC Medien- und Reise GmbH

Robert worked for me at ADAC as project lead driving digital transformation in online camping, media and travel from strategy to implementation.Robert is a down-to-earth person and valuable advisor with a fresh new view. I really enjoyed working with him.
Stefan Hübner

CEO - Device Insight GmbH

Thanks to the Growth Program, we were able to sharpen and operationalize our strategy in the shortest possible time. This is perfectly integrated into Device Insight's existing OKR process ...
Julia Stern

Director Sales - Media, Technology & Start-ups (Accelerator) - Google

I appreciated his entrepreneurial vision and holistic strategic thinking. Robert was also a go-to person for the whole team motivating all colleagues through his positive and open attitude.

Growth Fitness Check

How well are you and your company currently positioned for the next phase of growth? Take the 10-minute free survey.

Bridging the gap through our ecosystem

VUCANION is an ecosystem of highly experienced individuals and renowned companies. We provide expertise and execution power from individuals to full stack teams as addition to your teams. This covers product innovation & management, architecture, devops, data insights, legal/data security, performance marketing,  etc.


leaders and experts to bridge gaps until onboarding of new hires is completed.

Full Teams

Sourcing of well-functioning teams for marketing, product or tech, BI etc. to setup next gen products or processes in time

Outsourced Tasks

Outsource dedicate tasks or products that you can manage without taking focus way from prio 1 topics internally.  E.g. website relaunch SEO optimized, ads campaigns, etc.

Valued partners (excerpt)

We partner with excellent tech companies and services providers who have unique solutions for the standardisation and automation of strategy execution processes as well as recruiting key talent.


ValueWorks is the most intelligent operating
system (EMS) for executives and enables strategy execution
and OKR in real-time - this is what CXOs really need.

Talent Tree

Talent Tree

Talent Tree is our valued partner for recruiting the best talent for ClimateTech and Impact Ventures. Focus are tech experts and leaders.


Sherpany is the meeting management software for meeting productivity and enhanced decision making/execution.

Our background (excerpt)

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