Corona Re-Start.

Stay competitive in a digital world with new rules after the crisis.

Your Challenge

If liquidity and revenues are secured, the question is how to manage a smart re-start after the crisis:

  • Who will our target customers be in the future and what pains/needs do they have?
  • What kind of disruption is our industry experiencing?
  • What are relevant post-corona conditions for us?
  • What is a sustainable (second) source of revenue for us in a digital world?

Project Scope

  • Review Crisis Fitness Check and Growth Fitness Check
  • KPI Assessment and Plan
  • Emotional North Star and Picture of the Future
  • Top Customer Persona Pains/Needs Exploration
  • Pilot projects for new digital business according to post-corona conditions
    and customer pains/needs
  • Sync with liquidity planning + available funding
  • Action plan with 3 company OKRs
  • Executive summary slide deck


  • Emotional North Star and Picture of the Future
  • Grispy 3-5 year goals broken down to the current year and quarters
  • Clarity regarding the most important customer persona for the time after the crisis
  • Action Plan with clear actions and owners for executing the pilot projects
  • A tool-based implementation process based on Jira or another workflow tool


In the phase of crisis, VUCANION is a personal partner of managing directors and management teams to reduce uncertainties and address challenges holistically.

We are at your side with operational & analytical expertise as well as empathy in order to get through the mentally challenging phases more quickly and to get into a constructive action mode.




  • 1-2 days input phase
  • 5-20 days project phase
  • 1-2 days execution setup
  • 1+ Quarters Execution


  • 5-7 participants
  • C-Level/BU Leads
  • C-Level/BU ProjectLead
  • Experts


  • Krisen-Fitness-Check
  • Growth Fitness Check
  • KPIs 2018-19 and 2020-21
  • Picture of the Future
  • Competitive benchmark
  • Top Customer Persona
  • SWOT Self-Assessment


  • Krisen-Fitness-Check
  • Growth Fitness Check
  • Lever Calculator
  • KPI Assessment & Planning Tool
  • Corona Re-Start Templates


  • Remote Workshop
  • Onsite workshop
  • Offsite

Other Services


Robert Kellner - Founder & Managing Partner
Robert Kellner - Founder & Managing Partner

Crisis Fitness Check

How well are you and your company currently positioned to overcome the crisis and emerge stronger from it?

With the Crisis Fitness Check you gain first clarity and can get to know VUCANION without obligation and free of charge.

  • Crisis Fitness Check 10-minute survey
  • Holistic approach along the dimensions Financials, People, Business Model, Strategy and Execution
  • Free initial video call and quick assessment
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