Corona Liquidity.

Stabilizing cash and liquidity during the Corona crisis.

Your Challenge

The Corona crisis faces you and your management team with the following questions:

  • How far do we get with the current cash line?
  • Which funding programmes are relevant to us and which ones can we use?
  • How do we know which liquidity scenario we are currently in?

Project Scope

  • KPI Assessment of revenue and cost categories
  • Liquidity scenarios for the next 24 months
  • Worst case scenario with a super precise action plan
  • Selection of suitable measures (top action areas with focus on key levers)
  • Action Plan with clear priorities for the next 24 months
  • Execution process in Jira or other workflow tool
  • Executive summary slide deck for funding talks


  • Validated set of business scenarios
  • Worst case scenario with action plan
  • Capital requirements for each scenario
  • Proposal for sources of funding
  • Action Plan with clear tasks and owners
  • Tool-based execution process for imediate delivery


In the phase of crisis, VUCANION is a personal partner of managing directors and management teams to reduce uncertainties and address challenges holistically.

We are at your side with operational & analytical expertise as well as empathy in order to get through the mentally challenging phases more quickly and to get into a constructive action mode.




  • 1-2 days input phase
  • 2-5 days plan phase
  • 1+ Days Execution Setup
  • 1+ Quarters Execution


  • 5-7 participants
  • C-Level/BU Leads
  • C-Level/BU ProjectLead
  • Experts


  • Krisen-Fitness-Check
  • Financial KPIs 2018-19 and 2020-21
  • Non-Financial KPIs 2018-19 and 2020-21
  • Current Cash Line
  • SWOT Self-Assessment
  • Loans and subsidies used
  • Relevant contract terms


  • Crisis Fitness Check
  • Liquidity Calculator
  • KPI Assessment
  • Liquidity Template Set
  • Execution Process


  • Remote workshop
  • Onsite workshop
  • Offsite

Other Services


Robert Kellner - Founder & Managing Partner
Robert Kellner - Founder & Managing Partner

Crisis Fitness Check

How well are you and your company currently positioned to overcome the crisis and emerge stronger from it?

The Crisis Fitness Check provides you with first insights and clarity on the current status for free and get to know VUCANION.

  • Crisis Fitness Check 10-minute survey
  • Holistic approach along the dimensions Financials, People, Business Model, Strategy and Execution
  • Free initial video call and quick assessment
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